SEISMEC pioneers a transformative approach to digital and industrial technology development, focusing on empowerment, human-centricity, and ethical principles. Through 17 pilot projects across 19 companies in 14 countries and diverse industrial sectors, SEISMEC aims to drive a paradigm shift known as the SEISMEC shift. This shift involves a two-way engagement process, empowering end-users and workers while fostering social innovation. Central to SEISMEC's mission is the promotion of inclusiveness and alignment with European social and ethical values, including considerations of gender and intersectionality. The project evaluates the benefits of human-centricity across various dimensions such as creativity, collaboration, autonomy, and productivity, using CAPS empowerment factors introducing technical innovations like explainability, co-development, and feedback methods to enhance human-centric approaches. Importantly, it incorporates input from companies and workers, steering them towards an empowered Industry 5.0 path. The consortium comprises leading institutions in engineering, computer science, and networking, coordinated by a world-leading university specializing in social sciences and humanities. SEISMEC's pilots represent a broad spectrum of sectors, company sizes, and worker roles, ensuring widespread relevance and applicability. The project fosters cross-sector empowerment practices exchange, enabling industrial enterprises across Europe to learn from its outputs. With robust engagement from European, national, and local stakeholders, stands as a landmark effort in reshaping European industry towards empowerment and human-centricity. By prioritizing the well-being of workers and upholding European values, the project aims to enhance global competitiveness while fostering a more ethical and inclusive industrial landscape.

As a WP leader within the SEISMEC project, MKLab plays a key role in implementing and validating techniques to increase transparency, trust, and reciprocity in machine learning and predictive analytics. MKLab focus on explainable AI methods aims to enhance understanding and acceptance of technology among end-users and workers while preserving privacy. MKLab contributes expertise in Neurosymbolic AI, Symbolic Reasoning, and Hybrid Models to ensure the development of advanced technology solutions that align with European social and ethical values.

Additionally, MKLab involvement extends to activities such as activity recognition, emotion recognition, gesture and health detection, and tracking. These capabilities enhance the human-centric nature of the technology being developed within the project, ensuring that it supports worker autonomy and safety while improving productivity and job satisfaction.

Throughout the project, MKLab actively engages with stakeholders to incorporate their input and feedback into the development process. By leveraging expertise in engineering, computer science, networking, and exploitation, MKLab collaborates with partners to implement solutions that align with European social and ethical values. This collaborative approach extends to the evaluation and measurement of the benefits of human centrism, including factors such as creativity, collaboration, autonomy, automation, productivity, privacy, safety, and job satisfaction.




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