Pancreatic cancer is a highly lethal cancer type with limited treatment options. Current treatment strategies mainly focus on palliative care, which involves managing symptoms and slowing tumour progression. The EU-funded RELEVIUM project proposes that a highly personalised approach combining tailored nutrition plans, physical activity and pain management strategies, along with chemotherapy, could significantly improve patient quality of life (QoL). The project will provide patients with digital tools, including a multi sensor smartwatch, remote ultrasound patch, and AI algorithms for continuous monitoring of pain and sarcopenia, to enable them to self-manage their disease and communicate with their doctors. By collecting and analysing data on symptom progression and treatment outcomes, RELEVIUM aims to provide evidence for the effectiveness of its personalised approach in improving QoL for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer.





  • Kompatsiaris Yiannis (Ioannis)
  • Nikolopoulos Spiros
  • Papadopoulos Symeon
  • Sarris Nikolaos