MediaVerse (Coordinator)

The traditional media landscape is in the middle of a monumental shift: boundaries between professional media houses, prosumers and small creators are blurring, the speed of communication and publishing is increasing, audiences are seeking more user-driven and accessible multimedia experiences. MediaVerse (MV) is an answer to this shift: a decentralized network for intelligent, automated, and accessible digital asset management systems, where traditional stakeholders and other media owners can share, enrich, verify, and monetize multimedia content. With this, MV aspires to disrupt current practices of working in isolated silos, while enabling secure and traceable media exchange. An instance of MV can be deployed as a node in the decentralized MV network, and provides its users with a blockchain-enabled rights management solution, AI-powered identification services and smart contracts that automate cross-network rights negotiation and content monetization.

Following the European way, MV aspires to help users create and publish content, while keeping control over the content shared. For this, several AI-driven features are implemented towards supporting automated editorial content moderation and identification, authoring immersive experiences, making content accessible, and providing actionable insights through social analytics and collaboration tools. Integrated content adaptation services ensure the distribution of the created media over several networks, platforms and end-devices. The project will be validated through large scale pilots in the field of citizen journalism and co-creation of immersive and inclusive media, foreseeing also a STARTS-inspired use case that involves artistic experiments and practices, pushing forward creativity for a critical approach to user-centric media.



H2020, ICT-44-2020


  • Sarris Nikos
  • Papadopoulos Symeon
  • Kompatsiaris Yiannis (Ioannis)