LinkedTV: Television Linked To The Web, FP7 IST IP, 2011-2015. TV and the Internet are going through an exciting phase of convergence, with TV being delivered on-demand via the Web while access to Web content is ever more a part of the TV experience. The LinkedTV project will bring this convergence to its fulfillment, neatly interweaving TV and Web content into a single, integrated experience. To achieve this ambitious goal, LinkedTV will develop several technologies and tools to analyze and annotate audio-visual content, interlink parts of the content with other content, deliver this enriched audio-visual content via different networks to the end user and provide intuitive user interfaces on the end device to allow easy access to and browsing of related content within the program. These technologies and tools will be prototyped and tested by a public broadcaster, national media archive and a media arts centre to enrich the TV experience in the contexts of business, environment, cultural heritage and entertainment. (Scientific Responsible: Vasileios Mezaris).



FP7 IST IP, 2011-2015


  • Mezaris Vasileios