iV&L Net

iV&L Net: The European Network on Integrating Vision and Language (iV&L Net): Combining Computer Vision and Language Processing For Advanced Search, Retrieval, Annotation and Description of Visual Data, COST Action IC1307, is designed to bring together two previously unconnected research communities, Computer Vision (CV) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). It is set up to allow researchers to meet, exchange ideas, expertise and technology, and form new partnerships.

Building on the successful EPSRC Network on Vision and Language (V&L Net), the aim of the COST Action is to create a lasting interdisciplinary research community situated at the nexus between language processing and computer vision. This is hugely important because of the explosive growth of visual and textual data (both on the World Wide Web and held in private repositories by diverse institutions and companies).




ICT COST Action, 2014-2018


  • Vrochidis Stefanos