The project aims to create a national network of excellence in the field of the supercomputer infrastructure and High-Performance Computing (HPC) in general. The network will bring together scientific groups, researchers and users of supercomputer infrastructure from research and educational institutions all over Greece.

The main network activity is the feasibility study which will note down the current situation and requirements of the Greek scientific community regarding HPC infrastructure. This study also includes an overview of the current state of the art on supercomputer infrastructure with a cost estimate of a possible purchase, installation and management of such a system. In the scope of thisproject an overall strategy for Greece on HPC infrastructure and the degree of participation in the infrastructure of the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe(PRACE) will be designed and proposed.

Through the study and other activities of the network, the need for investments in HPC infrastructure will be shown, and the scientific and social benefits they bring will be highlighted. Along with the above, an attempt will be made, to link partners and to create a persistent Greek community of users with common interests operating supercomputers for research and production activities.


  • Kompatsiaris Yiannis (Ioannis)