HELIOS will create a novel decentralized social media platform that will address the dynamic nature of human communications in three dimensions: contextual, spatial and temporal.

The project aims to substantially advance the current approach to social media by introducing novel concepts for social graph creation and management, which are grounded in trust and transparency and will enrich the value of the user's social networks. HELIOS proposes a fully distributed approach, based on a peer-to-peer architecture in which each user is the sole owner of their own information, hereby safeguarding user and data privacy.

Furthermore, HELIOS is built in a modular and extensible manner, enabling all features characterizing social media today and growing beyond, liberating any mobile device developer (beginning with Android) to create new social media services on top of HELIOS by providing simple-to-use basic functionalities and interfaces that must exist in future social media.

The underlying technical paradigms reflect the European value system of decentralization and cultural diversity under a common framework of understanding. Among others, these are concepts such as decentralization, context detection in IoT environment, real and virtual object networking, peer-to-peer based content streaming and validation.

All in all, with the ambition to become a disruptive force in the European social media landscape, HELIOS aspires to lay the foundation for a new social network vision grounded on transparency and verification.






  • Papadopoulos Symeon
  • Iakovidou Chrysanthi
  • Kompatsiaris Yiannis (Ioannis)