The proposed HealthTourismHub project aims to design and develop an integrated system for creating, offering and discovering health tourism packages, and promote and support medical tourism in the Region of Central Macedonia. The online services available today to tourists with health problems (transportation, accommodation, food, choice of medical centers, etc.) are offered individually by independent providers. In the meantime, designing a complete package of all holidays that includes solutions for the basic parameters of a tourist travel medical interest involves significant difficulty and requires the use of multiple different tourist / travel / medical services and online resources. HealthTourismHub proposes to holistically address the above challenges through the development of an ecosystem that will generate added value from the composition and intelligent synthesis of services provided. A central pillar of HealthTourismHub will be an electronic one-stop marketplace system that will provide a comprehensive promotion suite for providers, and smart discovery, for tourism, tourism and medical services. The integrated HealthTourismHub system will includes an integrated system internet platform - HealthTourismHub application (web), Mobile / tablet application while the intelligence of the system will be designed with an artificial intelligence technique


Ministry of Development and Investments – Prefecture of Central Macedonia


  • Fiska Vicky
  • Gkevreki Sofia
  • Kompatsiaris Yiannis (Ioannis)
  • Nikolopoulos Spiros