GSA: General State Archives. Procurement and Development of Archival Data Management Integrated Software and Translation of Archival Descriptions
MKLab is participating in this project in collaboration with the General State Archives of Greece. The project starts on June 15th 2008, has duration 6 months and it is funded by the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs. It aims to develop applications for Archival Data Management and Translation of Archival Descriptions.

The key objectives in the context of this project are the following:

  • Acquisition (selection and accession) of archival content
  • Archive arrangement and multilevel description
  • Management of the preservation and storage conditions of the holdings
  • Distribution of archival content (access, dissemination, restoration, reproduction)
  • Availability of finding aids and digital content in the internet (e.g. search with keywords, authority files or thesauri)
  • Extended access services to remote users (e.g. digital copies, scalable access rights, e-mail management)
  • Various reports (e.g. statistics, progress reports, etc)
  • Collaboration and communication with portals, digital libraries and archival databases
  1. Implementation of integrated software for archival data management with modular architecture, that offers:
  2. Development of technological solutions for the exploitation, linking and embedding of digital copies generated during the Subproject 1, namely “Digitization, scientific management and documentation of G.S.A. archival data”
  3. Migration of documentation metadata produced (in digital form) during the Subproject 1 “Digitization, scientific management and documentation of G.S.A. archival data” of the project “G.S.A. digitization of cultural collections” and of metadata acquired in digital form according to archival standards by the Central Service and the Regional Services of G.S.A., in agreement with the article 4.2.11, Part B of the Proclamation.
  4. Support and maintenance services of the application software.
  5. Translation of archival descriptions into English and, also, into the native language of the holdings.



  • Kompatsiaris Yiannis (Ioannis)