EPANASTASIS-1821 (Coordinator)

The research project EPANASTASIS-1821: “Communication and Promotion of Revival of Historical Events of the Revolution through Virtual Reality-1821” provides the general public with access to the Virtual Museum of the Greek Revolution War, where the user/ visitor will be able to view digital representations of historical exhibits of that period, accompanied by scientific documentation and multi-sensory educational experiences, based on the technologies of virtual reality (VR) and serious games.

The cardinal research goal is the study and identification of the possibilities and challenges that raised by the development of digital museological productions that embody VR applications and serious games. In this context, the project EPANASTASIS-1821 aims to explore the interpretive, communicative and educational dynamics of VR applications and gamification in a virtual museum environment, which make this experience experiential, participatory and entertaining.

The purpose of the virtual museum EPANASTASIS-1821 is to communicate important events of the Greek Revolution and to highlight aspects of the Nation’s revolution war, as depicted in archival material, books and artistic representations in Greece and abroad. The proposal is addressed to the general public and aims, through the use of innovative educational tools of high-immersion virtual reality (full-immersive), to enhance the user’s experience and to create a more effective understanding of the impact these events had on our people, the evolution of the Greek state and its influence in the European world.

For this purpose, a consolidated exhibition program is currently in the making to support the virtual museum of EPANASTASIS-1821, which with semantic flow and relevance, will narrate aspects of the Greek Revolution through the compilation of a collection of digitized material, which is related to the events and the personalities of the liberation. The main objective of this research is the utilization in the field of museum practice of the modern digital possibilities offered by virtual reality technology and serious games.




H.F.R.I. 1st Call "Science & Society" - "200 years from the Greek Revolution"


  • Anastasovitis Eleftherios
  • Nikolopoulos Spiros
  • Kompatsiaris Yiannis (Ioannis)