The eHealth4MS project aims to develop an eHealth platform, for intelligent collection and interpretation of data from devices, for the remote, reliable monitoring of people with MS in non-clinical environments (e.g. home), leading to more efficient, cost-effective and more accessible care, but also allowing self-management of their disease, increasing their quality of life. The system relies on Internet of Things (IoT) devices to monitor quality features of all aspects of daily life, such as exercise, sleep quality and stress, through comfortable and friendly wearables and smartphones. These data, as well as the clinical knowledge of the disease and the profile of the patients are represented uniformly using the technologies of the semantic web (RDF / OWL2 ontologies). Then, through intelligent interpretation and combination of knowledge, clinical features such as daily activity and quality of sleep, symptoms, behavioral patterns and problematic situations, such as unsociability or introversion, anxiety, sleep disorders and deviation from the treatment plan emerge. The results are presented through customized web applications to patients, for self-management of the disease, and to physicians, for making more valid and effective decisions. Through a pilot application of the system in a monitoring study, in real home environments of users in multiple stages of MS, the evaluation of its usability, acceptance, performance and clinical value is expected.


Researchers support with emphasis in young researchers, Cycle B


  • Kompatsiaris Yiannis (Ioannis)
  • Stavropoulos Thanos
  • Meditskos Georgios