The project refers to a blend of research and development activities and initiatives to promote innovation with the aim of preserving and displaying the cultural heritage of Crete, by introducing new technologies and involving society in the creative direction of cultural pursuits. The "Digital Workshop of Cretan Agiography" is an online platform through which one can learn the art of agiography remotely, using a computer, leveraging the internet and new technologies (either synchronously or asynchronously). This system achieves a comprehensive educational process, approaching the positive aspects of face-to-face training, while maintaining the autonomy and flexibility of learners in terms of time and learning pace. For this reason, it should provide learners with high-quality digital educational tools for interaction, knowledge bases, and supporting materials (such as texts, articles, and assessments) among other things. The platform is expected to attract those interested in Cretan iconography, thereby enhancing the cultural heritage of the Region.




Operational Program "CRETE" 2014 – 2020


  • Anastasovitis Eleftherios
  • Kompatsiaris Yiannis (Ioannis)
  • Nikolopoulos Spiros