CERTH is the best in detecting whether you are sitting down or walking!

CERTH participated to the Semantic Indexing (SIN) Task of TRECVID 2010 with its video concept detectors. CERTH’s concept detectors produced the best results, among the submissions made by all institutions participating to TRECVID (101 runs from 30 different institutions), for two of the concepts evaluated this year ("walking", "sitting down"). The latest technical details on the approach that was developed and used for building these detectors are reported in the following publication: V. Mezaris, A. Dimou, I.

CfP: AAI Special Issue on EVENTS 2010

EVENTS 2010, a workshop co-organised by WeKnowIt and Pronto projects is organising a special issue on events recognition at the Applied Artificial Intelligence journal. The call for papers is available online.

Presentations at SSMS 2010

WeKnowIt presentation in CIVR 2010 Practitioner's Day

WeKnowIt was presented at the CIVR 2010 Practicioner's Day event on July 7th, 2010, in Xi'an, China. Yiannis Kompatsiaris gave a presentation entitled "WeKnowIt: Making the Collective Intelligence of Social Media Searchable" (pdf).

ICMR - International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval

2012: 2nd International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval - Call for Organizers

PatMedia Exhibition and Evaluation in IRFS 2010

The PatMedia image retrieval engine was presented and demonstrated in the Exhibition of the IRF Symposium 2010 in Vienna. PatMedia was also one of the main discussion topics in the Image Retrieval Session of the Symposium. During this session, the patent image search engine developed by ITI, was evaluated by professional patent searchers, who discussed their findings and concluded that the functionalities of PatMedia would be of added value in their search tasks. The presentations are available here..

"e-Report" idea presented at opengov.gr meeting

The "e-Report" idea, based on WeKnowIt technologies, was presented at the 2nd labs.opengov.gr meeting (in Greek). It promotes citizens participation and contribution combined with large-scale content analysis and structuring for efficient addressing local and environmental problems.

ER Log Merging and Management tool available


Managing and reviewing the log files that are created by the Emergency Response (ER) personnel in the course of an emergency incident is a critical task for understanding and improving the implemented ER actions.

ClustTour City Exploration tool available


ClustTour is an online city exploration application that helps users identify interesting spots in a city by use of photo clusters corresponding to landmarks and events.

Βραβείο καλύτερης εργασίας / Best paper award

HCC prize

Η εργασία με τίτλο "Εφαρμογή Αυτοματοποιημένης Τρισδιάστατης Ανασύνθεσης Στεφανιαίων Αρτηριών στην Ανίχνευση Ευάλωτων Αθηρωματικών Πλακών" έλαβε το βραβείο καλύτερης εργασίας στο 30ο Πανελλήνιο Καρδιολογικό Συνέδριο, 29-31 Οκτωβρίου 2009, Αθήνα.

The paper entitled "Application of Automated 3D reconstruction of Coronary Arteries in the Detection of Vulnerable Atheromatic Plaques" received the Best Paper award in the 30th Panhellenic Cardiological Congress, 29-31 October 2009, Athens, Greece.