Think outside the box – No.1

Think outside the box

Innovation needs free thought – and a look beyond the own borders every once in a while. This monthly section provides findings from outside our little box touching on topics connected to Multisensor.

01. The economist published an article following the question: “What is a word?” – quite an interesting read and a good basis for NLP.  |  read it here
02. With Twitter opening up its analytics to everyone, monitoring becomes a little easier. @Cyberalert wrote an intro, explaining the basic features.  |  read it here
03. Still think media monitoring is a tedious job? Here are three easy tips from @HootSuite that might help you getting a grip on it.  |  read it here
04. The internet has changed media newsrooms into a world of clicks. What role do web analytics and media monitoring play for journalists?  |  read it here
05. With every new network comes a new tool: Pickdeck is a tweetdeck-like monitoring tool for Instagram  |  Check it out
06.  Looking at numbers alone will never give you the full picture. How do you make meaning out of sentiment and opinion date on the web? | read it here
07. Media outlets aren’t the only ones keeping an eye on social media. At the Smile Conference it’s all about media monitoring for law enforcement. | Check it out