Getting ready!

MULTISENSOR Kick-Off Meeting

The consumption of large amounts of multilingual and multimedia content regardless of its reliability and cross-validation can have important consequences on the society. An indicative example is the current crisis of the financial markets in Europe, which has created an extremely unstable ground for economic transactions and caused insecurity in the population. The fact that the national mass media provide exaggerated and contradictory information and the inaptness to understand local contexts from different countries has a considerable share in the aggravation of the crisis.

To break this spiral, we need multilingual technologies with sentiment, social and spatiotemporal competence that are able to interpret, relate and summarize economic information and news created from various local subjective and biased views and disseminated via TV, radio, mass media websites and social media. To address these challenges, MULTISENSOR will mine heterogeneous data from the aforementioned resources and apply multidimensional content integration.

MULTISENSOR will go beyond the state of the art by proposing the following scientific objectives:

  1. content distillation of heterogeneous multimedia and multilingual data;
  2. sentiment and context analysis of content and social interactions;
  3. semantic integration of heterogeneous multimedia and multilingual data;
  4. semantic reasoning and intelligent decision support;
  5. multilingual and multimodal summarization and presentation of the information to the user.

On November 17th and 18th the first MULTISENSOR Consortium meeting will take place in Thessaloniki. The MULTISENSOR project team will meet to kick off the process and discuss the workstructure.

We’re expecting a great and productive meeting with project members from all participating partners. There will be representatives from CERTH (Greece), Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain), Fundacio Barcelona Media (Spain), Linguatec (Germany), Everis (Spain), Pressrelations (Germany), Ontotext (Bulgaria), Deutsche Welle (Germany), PIMEC (Spain).