The advancements in digital technologies and the high penetration of Internet have facilitated the sharing of environmental information, such as meteorological measurements and observations of the natural surroundings. Since the analysis of environmental information is critical both for human activities (e.g., agriculture, deforestation) and for the sustainability of the planet (e.g., nature conservation, green living, eco-driving), it is of great importance to develop techniques for the retrieval and aggregation of environmental information that is available over the Internet. Of particular interest is the exploitation of user-generated content, which, despite being of low quality in many cases, could provide important information regarding areas that are not monitored by existing stations. In this context, ISEM 2016 focuses on analysis, retrieval and aggregation of environmental data from the Internet and user-generated content posted in social media, as well as on personalised services and decision support environmental applications (e.g. to suggest outdoor activities based on the current environmental conditions).

ISEM 2016 has two main objectives: a) to present relevant works in the area of environmental monitoring based on data and content from the Web as well as from user-generated content posted in social media, and b) to discuss user requirements and needs from end users and environmental experts in the context of exploiting user generated content (including social media) and web resources for air quality issues (driven by the needs of the hackAIR project).


The online proceedings are now available here

The ISEM2016 deadline has been extended! New submission deadline is June 27th 2016!


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