Best Full Paper Award IMCL 2023

We are excited to share the Best Full Paper Award at the 2023 International Confer-ence on Interactive Mobile Communication Technologies and Learning (IMCL).

M4D/MKLab group researchers led the authoring of the award-winning paper “Evaluation of Explainable Artificial Intelligence methods in Language Learning Classification of Spanish Tertiary Students”. In the language learning domain, teachers face challeng-es regarding the classification of the students’ learning capabilities and building the appropriate learning path for them. To address these challenges the team adopted the concept of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI), aiming to classify Spanish Tertiary Education Learners, in terms of their performance and interpret the hidden relation-ships among general characteristics and students’ learning profile.

XAI is a set of processes and methods that allows human users to interpret, understand and trust the results derived from machine learning models.

The IMCL2023 conference covered all aspects of mobile learning as well as the emer-gence of mobile communication technologies, infrastructures and services and their im-plications for education, business, governments and society.

In this context, our team stood out, contributing substantially not only to the academic knowledge but also to the expansion of the horizon of artificial intelli-gence.

You can read the full paper here