WaterMM Task at MediaEval 2021

MKLab in cooperation with the Eastern Alps River Basin District invites you to the “WaterMM: Water Quality in Social Multimedia” task at MediaEval 2021, a multimedia evaluation benchmark that is dedicated to evaluating new algorithms for multimedia access and retrieval.

The WaterMM task deals with the analysis of social media posts from Twitter concerning issues of water quality, safety and security. Because the occurrence of words/phrases about the quality of drinking water (e.g., strange color, smell or taste, related illnesses, etc.) in a tweet might not necessarily reflect a case of water contamination, participants are asked to build a binary classification system that will be able to distinguish whether a post is relevant or not to water-quality issues. Participants can tackle the problem by using textual information, visual information, metadata or a combination of the above.

The dataset of the task is bilingual (English and Italian) and it has been collected and manually annotated in the frame of H2020 aqua3S, PathoCERT, and WQeMS projects

Find out more at https://multimediaeval.github.io/editions/2021/tasks/watermm/

Or register now: https://multimediaeval.github.io/editions/2021/