Should we expect drones to change the way we experience culture?

In mklab we are definitely trying to answer Yes! By collaborating with drone experts, 3D specialists and archeological sites we have set the goal of creating New 3D Cultural Worlds. The Palace of Philip II at Aigai (Vergina) is one of the most prominent archeological treasures that we are trying to capture and transform into a 3D cultural world. During April 2016, a team of drone experts from the John Moores University of Liverpool flew over the Palace of Phillip II in Aigai, so as to capture a huge volume of images that will enable the full 3D re-construction of the site. These images are now delivered to Pix4D that will use its photogrammetry software to develop the 3D model of the site. Finally, this model will act as the setting where the Multimedia Knowledge and Social Media Analytics Laboratory (mklab) will develop an engaging game for delving into the ancient way of life in the Macedonia of Phillip II. All the above are taking place in the context of the EU-funded project DigiArt that seeks for creating “The Internet of Historical Things And Building New 3D Cultural Worlds”.  Stay tuned!