MKLab participates in the just launched hackAIR project

The hackAIR project was launched on January 2016 in Thessaloniki by a consortium of six partners of five European countries. hackAIR will develop an open technology toolkit for citizens€™ observatories on air quality. This toolkit aims to complement official air quality data with a number of community-driven data sources, including an easy-to-build open hardware sensor module that transmits regular air quality measurements via Bluetooth, air quality information derived from mobile phone pictures of the sky and social media, as well as a low-tech measuring setup involving vacuum cleaners and coffee filters.

€œThis crowd-sourced air quality data will provide citizens with personalised location-specific information about air pollution levels. The combination of both official and community-driven data will contribute towards both individual and collective awareness about air quality in Europe, thereby encouraging changes in behaviour towards air quality. Within the project, effective engagement strategies for monitoring air pollution and encouraging behavioural change towards air quality will be explored.

The hackAIR project is supported through the EU programme on €œCollective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation€ until December 2018.  For further information and to get involved, sign up for updates at or follow us on Twitter @hack_AIR.