MKLab participation in the European Project Networking Session at ESWC 2014

MKLab had an active presence and participation in the European Project Networking Session at 11th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC-2014) by presenting three ongoing FP7 European research projects namely PERICLES, MULTISENSOR and LinkedTV. The ESWC is a major venue for discussing the latest scientific results and technology innovations around semantic technologies. ESWC 2014 took place on May 27, 2014 at Anissaras, Limenas Hersonissou, Crete, Greece.

Overall, thirty (30) projects were presented during the session with highly diverse but extremely appealing thematic topics. The figure below depicts a clustering map based on the project topics.

During the European Project Networking Session the representatives of the EU projects had the ability to connect with each other and engage in discussions about their respective research and development, establish opportunities for knowledge and technology sharing, and identify complementary activities and goals which can form the basis for future collaborations, research proposals, researcher exchange or joint participation at events or in initiatives.