MKLab contributes to NEM position paper on Big and Open Data

Members of the MKLab team have contributed to the writing of the NEM position paper on Big and Open Data Challenges and Technologies that has just been recently released on the NEM website.

From the NEM community perspective, Big and Open data is becoming a hot topic as far as most of the content will be stored in the future in data centers and there is a need to optimize the usage of such infrastructure. This huge amount of data provided by the content sector (business content but also user generated content) will have to be stored, manipulated and retrieved from any one in the easiest way and on any type of devices. In addition, content will become more and more heterogeneous due to the multiplication of formats used by the end user devices. This increasing complexity needs further research activities that are highlighted in this position paper.

This document addresses several aspects of the Big and Open data domains and tries to provide a research agenda for the next years.