Version 2.0RC of 3D IVUS ANGIO Tool is released

VERSION 2.0RC with built-in 3D vessel reconstruction is released.

New features:

    - Create realistic 3D models from lumen and media-adventitia boundaries
    - 3D model reconstruction takes less than a second to be created
    - Follow catheter path feature. Just click the button and "take a tour" inside the vessel
    - Simulating a virtual camera. See the actual IVUS frame while "inside" the 3D vessel
    - Interactive. Click on any contour and see a thumbnail of the actual IVUS frame
    - Rotate, pan and zoom the 3D model in full detail
    - Make transparent / solid surfaces, show / hide contours, show / hide wireframe, show / hide catheter
    - On contours mode you can drag the bar, select any IVUS frame and see highlighted the IVUS location directly on 3D
    - Outline button is added to the ANGIO window to help you identify the inner/outer wall and catheter
    - Fully compatible with your previous version of the tool. Just open the patient's card and click the 3D reconstruction button. It only takes 1 second!
    - No need for third party tools to display the 3D model. ALL IN ONE - 100% FREE.

Visit to watch a video demonstrating the new features and download for free the application