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VERGE v14.0 available

What is VERGE?

VERGE is a hybrid interactive video retrieval system, which is capable of searching into video content by integrating different search modules that employ visual and textual-based techniques. The following retrieval functionalities are supported:

  • Visual similarity search by Query
  • Text search
  • High level visual concept retrieval search

Evaluation of VERGE search engine was performed with participation in video retrieval related conferences and showcases as TRECVID and VideOlympics.

Visit the last version of VERGE engine here.


The search engine is built on the following open source technologies: apache server, php, Javascript, MySQL database, strawberry perl and Lemur server, that provide a GUI for performing retrieval tasks over the internet.
Moreover, it employs advanced techniques for image, text and video analysis.

Video Tutorial

To see how VERGE works, watch a video tutorial. See all features highlighted with remarks during the video presentation operates during retrieval tasks.

Supported by Projects




WeKnowIt (FP7-215453)

PESCaDO (FP7-248594)

CHORUS+ (FP7-249008)

GLOCAL (FP7-248984)