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easIE: An easy-to-use Information Extraction Framework for CSR data

Public awareness of and concerns about companies' social and environmental impacts have seen a marked increase over recent decades. The quantity of relevant information has increased in parallel, as states pass laws requiring certain forms of reporting, researchers investigate companies' performance, and companies themselves seek to gain a competitive advantage by being seen to operate fairly and transparently. However, this information is typically dispersed and non-standardized, making it complicated to collect and analyze. aims to collect this information and store it in a standardized format within a centralized public repository - making it much more amenable to analysis.

easIE was developed to facilitate Information Extraction task and it is an easy-to-use information extraction framework that extracts data about companies from heterogeneous Web sources in a semi-automatic manner. It allows admin users to extract data about companies from heterogeneous Web sources in a semi-automatic manner by only defining a configuration file. The framework is quickly and simply generating Web Information Extractors and Wrappers. easIE offers a set of wrappers for obtaining content from Static and Dynamic HTML pages by pointing to the html elements using css Selectors.