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MKLab Showcases the Outcomes from the REVEAL Project


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The REVEAL project is nearing its end (official end date is 31 December 2016), and our team has a number of interesting results to share with the community. The results are of interest for a number of applications related to news mining, social media retrieval and verification. In particular, we make available:

  • a comprehensive toolbox for image forensics along with a web-based user interface;
  • a method and web user-interface for verifying tweets;
  • a web service for automatically detecting images with disturbing content;
  • a method for predicting the future popularity of reddit posts and YouTube videos;
  • a method for classifying Twitter users based on their interactions with other users;
  • a method for estimating the geographic location referred to by a piece of text;
  • a method for automatically creating summaries from large collections of social media posts. 

All of our results are accompanied by open source code and in many cases by reference datasets that can be used as benchmarks. More details are available on this page.